Funding The Future

Fearless Evolution - Funding the Future One MILLION Strong - The Future is Female


Our Goal 1,000,000 Female Founded Businesses Generating $1,000,000 or More in Annual Revenue by December 31, 2025

With growth comes change. We have spent many years helping SME's and major  corporations expand into new markets quickly and profitably. That will continue to be apart of our business model, we are simply diversifying  to have an even greater impact. Starting with the Just Fearless Angel  Fund we will develop and/or fund 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs, by  December 31, 2025, that are generating over $1,000,000 in annual  revenue. 

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What better way to empower more women than helping to create more successful women entrepreneurs using our knowledge and resources. We have created programming and partnerships to assist women in building global businesses fast with low overhead.

With each successful woman  entrepreneur, families will be changed for the better, communities and cities will be changed for the better, and generations will be positively changed forever thereby creating a Fearless Evolution.

Is this for every woman? No, this is for those women whom are willing to bet everything on themselves and willing to do what is necessary to create the success they have always dreamed. There is nothing that women cannot do. We are fearless and constantly evolving.

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HERstory Connections

World's First Global Connection for Women Owned Businesses, Creatives, and Literary

More and more countries are implementing requirements for women owned businesses of all types to be hired, contracted, utilized, etc. It is in the world's best interest that women entrepreneurs everywhere thrive, and change is happening to make it a reality. As an example, women-owned businesses make up 40 percent of small businesses. Women owned businesses only account for 4 percent of global business revenue.

We saw a need to make it easy for women owned businesses to generate new business, governments and corporations to meet their quotas, and for people to easily find women owned businesses to shop with at the click of a button. 

HERstory Connections has 3 Membership Connections exclusively for Women.

  1. HERstory Business  is for Female Founded businesses/freelancers (products and services),  Female focused associations, and female focused not for profit  organizations.
  2. HERstory Creative is for Women Actors, Artists (All Types), Chef's, DJ's, Dancers, Directors, Fashion Designers, Producers, Singers, etc.
  3. HERstory Literary is for Women Authors, Digital Content Creators, Editors, Publishers, Writers, etc.

Our mission is to help 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs generate a minimum of $1,000,000 in annual revenue by December 31, 2025. HERstory Connections gives you access to a registered user market of over 50,000,000 global consumers who want to exclusively find, support, and do business with Women in Business, Women in Creatives, and Women in Literary.  

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